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Swiss Family Opheim Blog

Ciao, Ciao, Tschüs!!!

The time has come for Swiss Family Opheim to pack it up and head back to the United States. It is with mixed emotions that we must leave Zurich, Switzerland, and the high quality of life it provides. We will miss all of the wonderful friends and colleagues we leave behind. But, it is also an exciting time for us to show Zoe the place she will know as home and be around our families.

This last entry shows pictures from our final week in Zurich. The good (dinner with friends at Zeughauskeller), the sad (images of Zurich at night), and the ugly (packing up of our apartment). We hope you enjoy them. It has been an amazing 3 years...thanks to all for visiting Swiss Family Opheim!

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Final Ski Day at Lenzerheide

For the final ski day while still living in Switzerland, Travis chose to go to Lenzerheide. It was one of our favorites over the past couple of years. It was a bittersweet day. Any day skiing in the Alps is a great one, but it was without Kelly or many of our friends we'd skied with over the years. Luckily Jan joined Travis on this final hurrah!

The weather was pretty good in the morning, but got windy in the afternoon so some lifts were closed. At the end of the day Jan and Travis had a shot of Roetli and a Feldschloessen to commemorate the occasion. Goodbye Swiss Alps...for now...The Opheim's will be back!

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Brunch at the Dolder Grand Hotel

Zurich has a world famous hotel that we recently renovated in 2008 called the Dolder Grand. It is an amazing place that Travis and Kelly had always thought about staying at, but the prices are so high, they settled on having brunch there. They went on a Sunday with their good friends Richie and Katy. Of course, both couples brought along the girls...Chloe and Zoe. The hotel, food, views, and service all lived up to their reputations. Such a nice place!

Richie and Katy give us a gift that we will never forget and always cherish. It was a fun, creative poem. They read it to us first before giving us a framed copy with photos of the same events written in the poem. Such a thoughtful gift and made us realize how much we will miss them when we move back. This is where we LIVED! :(

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Dinner at Laura's with Zoe as guest of honor

Our friend Laura was heading back to Costa Rica before we left for the US, so she was nice enough to invite us over for one last meal before we moved home. Zoe was the guest of honor and our friends Andrea, Tara, Richard, Katy and their little girl Valentina all came to enjoy the night. It was fun to see everyone and the food was wonderful. Can't believe our time here is almost over!

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Zoe - 3rd Month

Zoe is growing up fast...she is already in her 3rd month! She now weighs 11 lbs. 11 oz. and is still the cutest!!! She is smiling more each day and is playing more with her toys, especially the ocean wonders play mat. Keep coming back to this entry for more photos of Zoe in month 3!

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Valentine's Day Get-Away

Taking full advantage of visiting grandma, Travis and Kelly decided to go for a night at the hotel Uto Kulm which is at the top of Zurich's mountain Uetliberg. It was the first time either of them had gone up to the top of the Uetliberg. The walk to the hotel was through the forest on a snowy path...very cool. The views during the night were amazing over the lake and lit up Zurich city. They had a nice dinner, caught up, and reminisced about the past 3 years in Zurich.

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Opheim's Last Hoorah!

Travis and Kelly took advantage of Grandma Debbie being in town to babysit by setting up their last party with friends and colleagues. They got a private room at a bar close to the Kraft office called Gleis 9 and paid for some appetizers and booze. They had a good turn out and it made for a late night. It was fun to be out with friends for the first time since Zoe was born. So there is life after kids...hahaha!

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The Opheim's in Zermatt

Grandma Debbie's visit overlapped a couple of days with Grandpa Kevin and Uncle Dustin's so we decided to brave the 3 hour train ride from Zurich to Zermatt for a day of skiing (for the boys) and shopping (for the girls) with little Zoe in tow. The ski day was one of the most perfect Travis had experienced in the last 3 seasons. Fresh powder, sunny skies, warm weather and all within view of the Matterhorn...incredible! The girls had fun relaxing in the town, buying Zoe clothes, and taking in views of Matty from the village.

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Grandma Debbie meets Zoe!

The final grandparent to meet Zoe was the one who was the most anxious to meet her...Grandma Debbie! She went directly for Zoe when she entered the apartment and didn't put her down much the full 2 weeks that she was here. Zoe really enjoyed spending the time with Grandma and Travis and Kelly really enjoyed the help! We didn't do too much be we did get out for some shopping, dinner at Zeughauskeller, plenty of walks with Zoe, and a pretzel sandwich or two (grandma's favorite).

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